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Price List

Our price is out-door price. Tax will be added when it is applicable. Neither hidden cost nor additional charge.
We can match the price in the area.

The List Includes   Services  And  Products

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Services Price

ball Assemble/Setup Systems $45.00
  • Assemble systems
  • Setup systems
  • configure systems
  • Your parts or ours
  • Includes testing

Ball Virus Removal $85.00
  • Virus, spyware and adware scanning and removal
  • System cleaning up and tuning up
  • Hard drive cleaning up and defragmentation
  • Garbage programs and files removal
  • Protection software download and setup if needed
  • Windows and programs updating and re-configuration
  • Performance optimization

Ball Data Recovery or Backup $45.00
  • Hard drive scanning to recover data
  • Data transferring back and forth
  • Data transferring to DVD or Ext. HDD or Flash Drive
    includes: documents, photos, musics, messages,
    address books and any personal data
  • E-mail account transferring or setup

Ball Notebook Repair
  • Screen replacement $35.00
  • Switch repair or re-set $45.00
  • Cooling system and inside cleaning up $45.00
  • Keyboard replacement $25.00
  • DVD, HDD replacement free, parts extra
  • Build-in Wireless card replacement $25.00
  • System recovery CD making $20.00
  • Smart phone and tablets or ipad $50.00

Ball Software Services
  • System recovery or
    Windows setup, configuration
    and updating $95.00
  • Download and set up drivers $25.00
  • Set up programs $25.00

Ball Clean Inside of PCs $35.00
  • Clean inside of PC for dusty
    check and reset of parts
    make sure every parts set firmly

Ball In-home or On-site
  • Service call $35.00
  • plus time, most time $15.00

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Products Price

We sell all new brand name PCs and notebooks. But we do not stock in our service shops. If you need one, please let us know, we can get one for you next day.

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Manufacturer Refurbished Systems:

We sell a lot of Manufacturer Refurbished Systems and Parts, please call us first then drop in the service shops to get the most current.

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