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When you have the following issues,
Please Contact Us,  We
Please call us, your issues will get immediate attention.   Guarantee the fastest services in the area. Also we can go to your site if you prefer

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Our Service in Detail

Ball Build Computer Systems or Configure/Reconfigure Systems
You may buy the parts either from us or somewhere else, then we build for you. And if you buy a new system needs to configure or reconfigure, we can do it for you.

Ball Computer Trouble-Shooting and Repair
Repair computers and computer related equipment. Up-grading, hardware configuration, software installation and trouble-shooting. No charge for unsolved problems.

Ball Notebook Repair
Up-grade Notebook memory and hard drives. Replace or repair keyboards, switches, build-in wireless cards and screens. Recover dead or ill-functioning systems. Make System Recovery Discs. Clean inside and cooling systems for heating problems.

Ball Date Transferring and Recovering
Transfer your data from old systems to new ones or back up to DVDs/CDs/external HDDs or flash drivers, including documents, pictures, musics, messages, e-mail accounts and address books (contacts). Can do these even your system not working or dead.

Ball In-Home or On-Site Services
Can go to your site to conduct the services if you hate too many wires, disconnection and reconnection or any reason or just prefer to. Can pick up and delivery if needed. Also can deliver your order.

Ball Internet Services
Sell the newest Ethernet cards and wireless network cards for both notebooks and desktop PCs, internet wired and wireless routers. Can troubleshoot your internet problems either in our shop or on your site.

Ball DVD/CD Backup
Backup your data on the hard drive or on the floppy diskettes to a DVD/CD or backup your DVD/CDs

Ball Scanning, Copying and Faxing Services
Scan your pictures, your family photos, documents and put them into your Internet Home Page, or send to the people you want to send to. Make Copy or fax your documents for you

Ball Local Area Networking
Plan, install and maintenance for small Local Area Networking, home net-working. Setup printer, document, and information sharing.

Ball Trade-in and Recycling Computers, Notebooks and Tablets
Accept trade-ins and also recycle of your unusable computers, notebooks and tablets.

Ball Up-grading
Do all the possible upgrading including Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Hard Disk Drive and Operation Systems (Windows). Free estimates and checking up. Advise the best way to upgrade your system.

Ball Free Computer Consultation and System Diagnosis
Free computer consultation and system diagnosis either by phone or in our office.

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