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Why Choose Lee's Hi-Tec

BALL.GIF Educated and Certified Technologists
Technicians, who have the diplomas of Electronics Engineering Technician and Electronics Engineering Technologist - Computer Systems, work onsite all the time.

BALL.GIF Experienced Technicians
Serving the area since 1995 and working on the PCs from the oldest to the newest.

BALL.GIF Knowledgeable Technical Support
Knowledge from years of schooling and working experience.

BALL.GIF Honest Business Practice
We do our business honestly and we never cheat on the people.

BALL.GIF Reliable And Trustworthy
Service personal on site all the working hours and can be reached all the time by phone. Your issue will get immediately attention.

BALL.GIF Confidentiality Of Your Data
We never use, keep and sell your information. We never delete and lose your data. We backup or transfer out your data before service start when it is necessary.

BALL.GIF Fast And Friendly Services
Your issue will be taken care immediately and friendly. Turnaround time is short, usually the same day, guarantee the fastest in the area.

BALL.GIF Serve Customers One on One And Face to Face
We are small. Customers know who works on their equipment and technicians know what customers' concern. We also let customers know the cause of problems and how to prevent it from happening again.

BALL.GIF We Know What We Are Doing
Years of experience, we know what causes the problems and what needs to be done.

BALL.GIF Guarantee Newest Parts
We don't have a big stock and we can get the parts in next day, so products are not outdated. Our used systems are manufacturer refurbished directly from OEM, so quality is near or equal to the new ones.

BALL.GIF High Quality Of Products
We know which brand is high quality through experience and reading the reviews online. We support higher quality ones.

BALL.GIF Lowest Price In The Area
We don't have big overhead, so we can charge you the lowest.

BALL.GIF Free Diagnosis And Estimate
We offer free diagnosis and estimate doesn't matter if repair in our shop or not.

BALL.GIF No Work, No Charge
We don't charge anything if not solve your problem doesn't matter how long we work on the issue.

BALL.GIF Home or Site Visiting
We can go to your site, most time after working hours, and no additional charges for out-of-working hours. You can get the service on the same day.

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